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Pipeline Network Video Capture

Pipeline is an industry-first network base video capture and playout device for moving SD&HD SDI

vidoe & audio in and out of Mac & PC file-based workflows. we offer a choice of encoding formats in

a single box to handle your changing format needs. SD models encode to DV25, DVCPRO25, IMX,

ProRes422 and MPEG-2 I-frame. The HD model encodes to these plus DNxHD, DVCPRO HD

and ProRes422HQ format



* Network accessible SDI video capture and Playout devices

* Capture / Playout to multiple HD and/or SD formats in a sigle box

* Edit or transcode media files while they are being captured

* Schedule live ingest, log & capture from tape, or manual/automated capture

* print to Tape SD/HD QuickTime

* Site on your network - so anyone can access it

* Real-time, reliable hardware encoding 


A better way to ingest SD & HD video

from tape and live sources

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