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Professional 3D Editing for Film and Broadcast


     CineForm 3D File

     Full-resolution L and R eye (HD,2K,4K) in CineForm stero file

        Adjust temporal misalignment if necessary

     Real-time 3D Controls through First Light 3D

        Convergence: Horizonal, Vertical, Rotation, Keystoning adjustment

        individual eye color adjust (for beam splitter rig adjustment)

        Single-eye image flip, Stereo Color Adjust

      Stereo Mode Selection

        Passive Polarized: Side-by-side, Over-under, Interlace, Anaglyph

        Dual-link, dual-stream stereo playout

        2D: Left or Right eye

        Adjustment Mode: Difference, Onion Skin

     Final Cut Pro support

        RT stereo playback

       3D cuts, render, etc

 3D CineForm 변환 또는 인제스트

 First Light S/W를 이용하여 입체부분들을 조절

 활성적인 Metadata를 이용하여 원본손상없이 작업

  Final Cut Pro 에서 3D 자연스럽게 편집

  First Light S/W를 이용하여 미세한 조정이 가능

  입체 모니터링,출력 가능

  방식 : Dual Link, Stereo, Kona3 이용 Passive Polarized or Anaglyph